Gizlikent Waterfall | Fethiye Muğla

We recently went to Mugla Fethiye Gizlikent waterfall with friends. First I want to give you information about the region. Fethiye is one of Turkey’s known resorts. Fethiye is a place with a beautiful sea and wonderful nature.

In this place you can go for a holiday you should also see the natural beauties. Now I will tell you how to get to the Gizlikent waterfall. When you reach Fethiye city center, you will move in the direction you see the “Saklıkent” sign.

The road takes about an hour by car. I added the road map in the picture above. After the journey you will meet a lush nature. You will come face to face with a beautiful landscape.

You will walk in the water to reach the waterfall. In hot weather this activity is quite nice. Do not detain yourself from this activity. Also have your sea and beach shoes on your side. Because it will be necessary for a safe walk.

During the walk you will experience the relaxing effect of the water. You will get plenty of fresh air.

When you reach the waterfall you will meet a landscape like this.

Do not forget to go under the cold water flowing from the waterfall 🙂

If you are a traveler who likes to travel, you should definitely see these natural beauties.  You will love this place. Here you have to immortalize this journey by taking plenty of pictures.

I finish the my post related to the trip I made to the Gizlikent Waterfall. I had a lot of fun on this trip and I like it very much. I would recommend visiting and seeing this place. See you on my next travel blog.


Notice: All photographs and narration are mine.

Yazar: @erhanoz

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